Tuesday, October 24, 2006

a note & a niggle


i am shovering all my lit-related rants into a blog all its own.

i read pretty


i dislike the finger wagging and low-road impressions that fall on the shoulders of people who cannot let things be until they are, well, right.

an obsessive compulsive even gets mild respect (mostly from CSI junkies, rhianna and i) for keeping their tins in a line, their towels clean and folded the way only those towels should. order calms the chaos that they just can't handle when disorder occurs. well being wrong is a sort of disorderliness- it's someone's mess of misinformation and they've either offhandedly smeared it over the countertops; set it down with a weighty "thud!" on the livingroom floor (knocked over a few lamps in the process); or wildly swung it around like, well, monkeys. evil, messy monkeys of misinformation.

being incorrect shows up as a blinking red light on the grid of my perceived universe. when people are stupid, that red light just keeps blinking and blinking. sometimes it's urgent i clean everything up-- however urgent, or eventual, it's still a mess until i clean it up, best that i can. it's nothing along the lines of petty insults or last jabs- frankly, i don't even remember half the people behind these spurts of anal retentive clarification.

...i just want things right. i would like them to be. so, let us stop sneering at people who linger on these finer points. it is just people being good hosts & hostesses.


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