Wednesday, October 18, 2006

puree, por favor

you would assume that every jar of jelly claiming to have delicious, whole strawberries would be somehow better than the anonymous, pink mass crammed into lesser jars (cheaper jars). well, what the crap do i want sugar-saturated strawberries in jelly for? i do not enjoy biting into them, the way i enjoy biting into strawberries. i want it spreadable and hunks of strawberries are not spreadable. they just weigh down my toast and make little, unattractive craters. i squint to bite into those unfortunate sections. too much strawberry...

the mass is also tricky. it is terrible to get a spoonfull of jelly, plop it on the supple, ready toast, and begin to are mid-spreading routine, when you realize there is barely enough jelly to cover a third of the toast, and one or two huge hunks of strawberry that would otherwise easily satisfy the surface of your toast were it pureed. not only do you have to get more jelly, you have to endure the dreaded "too much strawberry" bites as previously mentioned.

it just bothers me, that's all... be reasonable, people.


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