Wednesday, October 18, 2006

blog etiquette. survey says? ha.

say, did you or one of your minions leave a hate-comment on my blog? i originally blamed rhianna for bad press, but even your mild confusion with posessive/plural nouns and the occasional merging of words ("glasshouse"? oh no) doesn't match up to the mind-blowingly incoherent one i received...

i doubted it was you, but i thought maybe someone you knew did? i can't for the life of me suss out who it really & truly was. i haven't even left the little, racial note in passing for months. it seems like an awfully big coincidence..."

to which, a comment appeared:


Whoever you are, do not start sending me comments accusing my “minions” of hate mail. Believe me, my friends have more interesting things to do than leave comments on your blog. Are you telling me you have never received an offensive or at least slightly inexplicable anonymous comment before? Don’t go blaming me every time someone’s comment offends you like that – unless of course it makes you feel better. Personally, I’ve never visited your blog prior to this comment, and don’t really plan to again.

In case you hadn't realised, we are a peace (and plant) loving kind of people who just happen to not really appreciate bad blog etiquette… we really couldn’t care about anything else that either of you post about aside from that.

If I were you, I would treat this whole situation as a learning experience and just calm the fuck down. Don’t try and start a war of words with us – we have access to large range of carnivorous plants, and have Candadian contacts that know how to use them.

Also, FYI, a glasshouse is a glass storage facility that botanists use to put plants in. I thought everyone knew that?

well, drat. i think that meant "no, i don't believe so" in australian: the bitey-est of languages. another hunch shot down. and how!

oh well.

what i've learned today:
1. some people believe there is such a thing as "blog etiquette".
2. people are insulted if you don't think highly of the friends of theirs you've never met.
3. botanists are added to my category of "scientific professions that muss with words"


Anonymous s r e said...

dude...who threatens peope long distance with plants?? That just clinches the un coolness that are these people.

Oh these plants have tiny green brass knuckles?? Because that's a whole different story..

9:36 PM  

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