Wednesday, October 18, 2006

fun & rather explicit things to add to sentences (oh boy)

1. so hard!
(refers of course to the rougher, latino-style of intercourse)

examples as follow:

. sure, i will design you a logo. i will design you a logo - so hard!
. today is wednesday. today is wednesday- so hard!
. i love persian kittens! i love persian kittens- so hard!

[note: it is not always necessary to impersonate a latino accent or a thrusting motion with your hips. but it does help, especially if you cannot pull of deadpan.]

2. gang-bang
(refers to a state of being overwhelmed by something in vast numbers. can either be paired with 'with' or 'by')
examples as follow:

. i went to science world yesterday. i was totally gang-banged!--with knowledge!
. i went to science world yesterday. it was a total gang-bang!--of knowledge!

. today i am totally gang-banged!--by wednesday!
. today is a total gang-bang.-- of wednesday!

. what could be in the fridge? i am totally being gang-banged-- with curiosity!

. that song is great! it's like being gang-banged by persian kittens in the ears!


Blogger apk01004 said...

I am pretty sure your first idea has already been had by Dinosaur Comics. Are you surprised?

5:59 PM  

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