Sunday, October 08, 2006

"flirting tips": for which there aren't enough quotation marks in the galaxy


flirting tips: always gets their attention. Ask them if you can tell them a secret...Then whisper in their ear: 'I just love your tie...can I buy it from you when you are done with it?'

Become More Irresistible! Show a little leg....wear higher heels...the redder the lipstick the more available and noticeable you will be. Arch your back a little as you sit up tall and cross your legs high. Wear earrings that are interesting enough to make someone comment on them.

Cover your lips with tape and get your love's attention. When they come near, make noises like you're trying to tell them something and motion as if you can't get the tape off.

IF he acts like a JERK! Be polite but firm. Hand him a copy of the men's version of 'Flirting with Greatness' and ask him to go practice on someone else. Firmly say that 'lines' with sexual overtones are not only not attractive to you but to most other women in the world.

kiss meanings:
Kiss on the hand - I adore you.

Kiss on the cheek - I just want to be friends.

Kiss on the chin - You are cute!

Kiss on the neck - I want you.

Kiss on the lips - I love you.

Kiss on the ears - Let's have some fun.

Kiss anywhere else - You're the best.

[according to this list, a kiss on the anus = "you're the best!". just keep that in mind.]

riveting date ideas:
what appears to be for seniors-
. build models
. watch planes take off
. look at Christmas lights
. play kick the can

what appears to be for toddlers-
. Go to an air show
. trampoline (yes, folks. a date in one word)
. build ice cream sundaes
. color in coloring books
. thumb wrestle
. puddle jump in the rain
. play broomball
. play kick the can
. pillow fight

. go to a wedding together
. look for 4-leaf clovers
. go to the duty-free store for cheaper liquor.
. take her to see the movie Titanic fifteen times. (we are all hoping they don't mean consecutively)
. go through revolving doors with your lover.
. read tabloids & laugh together
. go hear jazz or reggae

things i actually would want to do-
. carve a jack-o-lantern
. visit a city that is the name of a state

a better date idea for all of us-
. visit each other's grandparents

here are are 38 words that may assist you with forming the content of your love letter:
Alluring, Kisses, Embracing, Voyage, Blossoms, Stars, Angel, Lover, Elation, Sensuality, Heart, Giving, Darling, Rose, Absence, Seeing, Tasting, Touching, Holding, Caressing, Memories, Content, Lascivious, Beautiful, Gorgeous Vision, Privileged, Adoring, Velvet, Rainbow, Happy, Passion, Innocent, Dreaming, Delirious, Temptation, Complete, Desire.


Anonymous DavidB said...

Darling Lover Velvet Heart Rainbow,
Adoring Passion Rose Delirious Desire. Dreaming Happy, Elation.
Temptation Voyage, Embracing Gorgeous Angel Blossoms, Holding, Caressing, Tasting, Touching. Innocent Stars Giving Alluring Kisses. Absence Vision, Seeing Complete Privileged Sensuality Content.
Beautiful Lascivious Memories.

11:09 PM  
Blogger echolalias said...

well, i'm swooning.
bravissimo :`)

5:05 PM  

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