Saturday, July 08, 2006

one whole bloody bottle

last night at dwight's zombie-a-thon, i brought a bottle of red. and being the only one interested in wine and not other tipsy bits, i wound up committing myself to it. the whole bottle. that is a lot, if you know what a delicate blossom i am with alcohol...

so, from the pit of my hangover, i tell you all: it feels like i have a stomach full of snakes & mongooses.

also, the thrill of getting dr.phil newsletters is wearing off.


Blogger reg vardy said...

Red wine is scary alcohol however it is always effective plus it’s much cheaper and less calorific than liquor. I myself partake in a solitary bottle of red to get me geared up for the lash but the black teeth and the evil it seems to bring out in me make me question whether the cons do indeed outweigh the pros.

P.S. By evil I mean idiocy.

3:11 AM  

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