Monday, July 03, 2006

originally celebrated, curiously strong delight for me

do you know what i found today, while cleaning out the office for my delightfully random, spontaneous visitor? (more to come on that soon).... well, i bet you haven't the foggiest. i bet you can't guess that i found a tin of altoids. because that's exactly what i did. i found a whole tin of altoids.

most of you do not remember my altoids days. it began in band, somewhere around 5th grade. most of you do not remember or even know that i played the flute (among other things- oh i should move this elsewhere or it will sound dirty. or i can enclose a message that would point out the 'ha this could be taken dirty!'ness but generally let you know that i am simply littered with bits of musical experience...) for a number of years. five. then i realized i fucking hate the flute. and band was for squares who only talk about band.

mollie and i used to stash altoids tins in our insstrument cases. i think this was because she played baritone sax and had reed breath after class. i just hopped on board because man, do i love altoids. so much that my parents, one christmas, gave me a whopping tin of them. this tin was the size of a small clutch purse that ladies carry. when it was empty (sad) i used it for a wallet for many a year. it was nice, because i could write things on post-it notes, or take phone numbers, and use little magnet words from a magnet poetry set (the outdoors/hiking version. do not ask why) to hold them in place. but eventually the jingling got a bit embarrassing. and it was very difficult to keep organized.

i used to get tins for christmas and the occasional occasion. but that trickled into nothingness the last year or so. finding this was a delight and reminded me 1) i love altoids 2) i hate the flute, but feel confident i can still do scales on one 3)tasty breath = manners. maybe even kissing.

(dinosaur comic quote time: feelings are boring. kissing is awesome!)

fun fact!
i do not have a clutch. i carry things that are much to big for dainty bags. i have a light blue bag with a pink, dirty, aubrey beardsley print on it. it is a little ethnic man running with his arms wrapped around his gigantic penis. which is really bigger than his entire torso. it is also surrounded by these odd lily shapes, so it takes a bit of squinting. most people have the following reaction "nice bag! .... oh my"


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Fun fact: If have a flavor that tastes like food, and you concentrate it enough in your candies, eventually it will taste like a chemistry lab.

I would rather eat ammonia drops.

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