Monday, July 03, 2006

one thing that is maybe a little great and maybe in need of a little child-friendly editing

1) i am opposed to the term "googling" when you mean "searching the interweb". it takes the safari out of it and turns it into something horrible. "google" is a pretty terrible word and i prefer anyhow.

2) when you type/search "things that are great" into the google search box at the upper corner of the browser, it reveals a list of staggering boringocity. the single delight of this search turns out to be howtoons.

howtoons = a picture-based instruction manual for kids who want to know how to do/make very lame things. like stilts out of soup cans (not that stilts are lame. but they are basically soup cans taped to your shoes), a turkey baster flute (you know my thoughts on flutes), and something to make light bend around corners.

oh, and this gem.
"duct tape body building
Make instant muscles, make a sewing dummy, or just clone yourself using a roll of duct tape, an old t-shirt, and a pair of scissors. Be careful with the scissors."

also. pardon my snicker, but...

"Looking for that pay raise? Grow 6 inches and take the extra money you earn to buy new pants!"

ha ha ha ha...


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