Wednesday, July 05, 2006

in-mutiny-fertilization & such thoughts that follow

while discussing the way celine dion cries on the oprah show (that is, with her hands steepled to cover her nose/mouth- to what benefit i do not know unless she has had her hands genetically manipulated to absorb moisture. that is a good career move in my opinion) alex happened to mention oprah saying "miracle baby".

not, "it's a miracle, baby!" but rather, the baby is a miracle, "it's a miracle baby!" the baby in question: one of two (twins) conceived of a woman & her dead husband. dead, frozen husband. that's right, folks. in vitro fertilization. which would only be cool if it were not her husband but some kind of caveman they'd picked out from the ice. sexy ice. and decided to knock her up with cavebabies.

who wants the babies of a dead guy? i hope they grow up having to bear the weight of ten million 'dead baby' jokes.

alright. well, i do not know about you ladies out there. but i like knowing (supposing/thinking) that if i go, my 'making baby' bits go with me. down with the ship like good sailors. none of this jumping ship in vitro fertilization crap. as far as i'm concerned that is mutiny of the worst sort.

on the note of mutiny:
hamstravaganza! (a pirates! party) from one of my favourite authors.


Blogger apk01004 said...

And that's not all.

Her husband was dying of cancer at home and she decided that the best way to spend what turned out to be his last day alive, was just lying in bed, hugging. This is my public plea not to let that be the last day of my life. So boring

I want to go out like in Soylent Green. That's actually a pretty good movie.

10:06 PM  
Blogger echolalias said...

how is that...? in which way?

11:59 PM  

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