Wednesday, July 05, 2006

best ways to go, says me

regarding the last post, apk01004 said...
And that's not all.

Her husband was dying of cancer at home and she decided that the best way to spend what turned out to be his last day alive, was just lying in bed, hugging. This is my public plea not to let that be the last day of my life. So boring

I want to go out like in Soylent Green. That's actually a pretty good movie.

now personally, i like the idea of throwing myself in front of a train. i dig the tolstoy way out as a concept. if you know me, you know how much i love russians. conceptually, check. anna karenina? a nice lass. reality? death, mixed with a big, raging, huffing machine. built by men. american men. hot, steamy patriots... or by that time, machines. but hey. trains built by (patriotic?) robots. come on. it does not get cooler. unless the robots are sculpted to look like steamy men.

so for a long while, i was in favour of trains. then kathleen suggested volcanos. volcanos. i mean holy crap. apparently you'd just blip out with the heat, instantly. that is nice. and preferable to freezing. if you know me, you know i'd rather be punched in the face than be cold.

let's see...what else the volcano idea has over the train... the volcano wouldn't feel bad about hitting me. machines do not have feelings unless they are patriotic feelings. no one would be late for work. sure, you say, but you are dead and they are late for work. what price, a good death? well, whoever says that, i can't help it. i am just a considerate sort of girl.


throwing myself into a volcano. would i do it? you betcha. see how much the cancer likes that.

a) hugging.
b) hugging=feelings.
c) feelings are boring. kissing is awesome!


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