Thursday, June 08, 2006

things i am recommending to you (because i like you)

1. john berger's here is where we meet along with every other book he has ever written. his video series is wonderful but you have to go through life trying not to remember he has a speech impediment. otherwise. this man, i can't read him at night because he gives me palpitations. not in the sexed way. just in the amazing way.

2. adding a little burts bees apricot baby oil to your conditioner. it's really wonderful.

3. when you are bored, or are in the bath: naming your toes and acting out scandals with them. this is a favourite. until i realized the people upstairs can hear everything- i had to cut out the greek chorus bits from the minor toes. now they are whispered scandals.

4. mangos

5. aubergines

6. rollerskating. (i may or may not be joining this little indie roller derby club)

7. bicycles (rhianna is lending me hers while she is in south america. gracias!)

8. beirut

9. giving up your myspace. i just got one. they're cluttered and ugly and the whole thing is obnoxious.

10. failing that, you should add me to your myspace.

other things i do not want you to waste your time on:

1. david maine's fallen

after ten pages, i am disappointed. you can just hear him writing it out as you read it. in the 'this is what a writer sounds like' way. unfortunately it has some of the most excellent cover design.

2. lisa moore also a dull read. you know she's a good writer, technique-wise. but content. if you disagree, this is your lucky day. i've got a signed copy for you.

3. my roommate's blender. it is not the sort you can just lift off from. smoothie was everywhere. just everywhere.


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