Sunday, June 18, 2006

hold your tongues.

a break from some of the lovelier bits. actually addressing something that baffles me.

uh oh

i do not understand all the cheerleading that takes place behind a woman's claim to slamming into a guy who cheated on his girlfriend. and the need for the Other Woman to insist he tell his girlfriend. that's uncalled for. it doesn't make anything better to discuss it. to be honest.

sure, i have been cheated on. i got over it almost immediately. loyalty is what counts. not fidelity. which is almost a statistical impossibility. fidelity is not logical. it's just a matter of how far it goes. and how much you know about it.

i do not want to know. i would have been much happier- i would still be happier - not having ever found out.

if you have the balls to cheat, you should have the balls to live with it and never, ever let your significant other know. frankly, if you feel horrible that's just one luxury you've traded in.


Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

i don't think i'll agree with you about the cheating thing, mainly because it seems to me that if the relationship contract is "don't cheat" then that should be respected, it otherwise indicating a lack of respect shown towards the relationship contract. of course, if the relationship contract is "cheating is okay" or "cheat but don't tell me" things are different. but what i really want to talk about is tambourines covered in blood.

sadly i no longer am doing the band thing, i simply don't have the time and i just moved here in september so don't know any of the musicians in this city. i have a bit of an itch to perform, but just want to concentrate on writing and film work for the next few years, playing my guitar in the closet. maybe i'll pull it out of the closet in a year or two. i got really frustrated in my bands because being in a band is like being in a sexual relationship with five people at once, only without the sex, and everyone making similarly large demands on your time and money.

however, i keep thinking of doing a Halloween show... it would be fun to do a Halloween show where i just get a band together for one show, to do Misfits covers all night. if i do that sometime (maybe next year?) then tambourines will need to be covered in blood, even if nobody bothers to make any sound with the tambourines.

11:30 PM  
Blogger echolalias said...

well. of course it should be respected. i just mean statistically your significant other is going to cheat on you. either thinking about another person, or actually sleeping with them. and of course it isn't ...wanted. i would hate it was supposed to be monogamous and there was no discussion beforehand.... but it's not enough for me to throw out a relationship alltogether. sometimes it can even make things better. you really understand the weight of things. the weight you pull with someone else.


oh boy oh boy! i would love to. i am all about tambourines. i actually made up a tambourine song to the flaming lips she don't use jelly.

11:49 PM  

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