Tuesday, June 20, 2006

a peek into my shower scandal of the day:

as you know (or maybe wish to not know, particularly) i am especially fond of naming my toes in the shower and acting out scandals. i refer to these as Daily Scandals.

a clip from this morning's which has had me in stitches.

the setting is a town whose ecomony revolves around an exotic marina/aquarium. for which Gerard, the handsom ladiesman, works. he is the fish's dietician. San Francisco is an artist who frequents the marina to make her lovely, but dull watercolour paintings. she is a failure and is kind of timid. timid, but beautiful!

Gerard: for you, my love
San Francisco: ...goodness! ... is that...?
Gerard: oh yes. a great fuscia south american baracuda.
San Francisco: however did you afford- oh no!
Gerard: oh yes!
San Francisco: you stole it from the aquarium!
Gerard: because i love you.
San Francisco: is this what you do for all of your lovers? it is, isn't it!
Gerard: ha ha ha. perhaps, perhaps. does it matter? my love?
San Francisco: you have to give him back. they will notice.
Gerard: not at all. they...they will think he is sleeping. or hiding. fish are very good at hiding.
San Francisco: (slap!)

note: it is very difficult to suggest a toe slapping another toe. trust me. imagination is required, big time.


Blogger Au$10 said...

You know, this blog is sad. Like, Bob Dylan impersonator sad. Yep, I mean it.

Not really.

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