Wednesday, June 14, 2006

alert all sassy sailors! first gay hurricane of the season.

the intensely blonde woman on CNN's weather report announced that Tropical Storm Alberto
(first introduced to you, by me, in is your doppler gay-dar going off?) is getting "even more tropical". even more tropical? amazing! but, if you're like me, you're wondering: is this woman making that up? how is that even possible? really, what does it all mean?

well, i have prepared this little demonstration for you.

let us say that this is tropical storm alberto:

now, a more tropical tropical storm alberto, i imagine, would be something like this:


so far, true to predictions, friends in the south assure me of alberto's fondness for water sports. he has, in the brief span, managed to show (douse) his affection to (on) a number of people/counties/states/and sailors.

conclusion? tropical alberto is:
a) obviously gay
b) obviously kinky
c) obviously a slut
d) obviously on his way to getting more gay, kinky, slutty & colourful.

now for something not even a little gay. great, but not gay.


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