Thursday, June 15, 2006

bad form.

this woman's

minor complaints:
a) i do not see how being warmer is a negative assumption. i am cold all the time and it is horrible.

b) i do not understand the ownership of 'dreadlocks'. they are not specific attributes of an african american. i lived in seattle. they were everywhere. i go to art school. i have had my hands in them. it doesn't matter who you are, they do not look clean or attractive. on anyone. at all. yuck. and they have the most un-sensual texture.

okay, here are my thoughts.

someone in the comments said it was our duty to steep and train ourselves in african american history so we are super conscious and careful not to offend. it was horrible, yes. i had an education. in north carolina, too. i wasn't in the majority by a long shot. my principal 'hated white people'. and women. so i was at the lowest possible end of his favour spectrum.

if i offend someone, i feel bad. but i do not make a paranoid circus out of avoiding it. it is an insincere way of interacting with people. this is who i am. if it offends, that's your responsibility to point it out. if it offends, and you don't say something...or it is a ludicrous reason to begin with. well, you may go sulk and seeth.

do you want sincerity? equality? or to be kept in padded rooms of the most ginger ettiquette? you really can't have things both ways. i don't treat you differently. like it or lump it.


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