Friday, June 16, 2006

and just when you thought i couldn't get any more anal with verbs.

echolalias said...
other' as a verb? i understand. but. nouns are just not to be turned into verbs. isn't there some better term that doesn't massacre grammar?

john_m_burt said...
I like using "to other" as a verb. It resonates with the verbs "to mother", and "to smother".

echolalias said...
"to mother" is not a proper example. it is horrible.

saying "mother" or "mothering" is a verb is... just terrible. "to mother" is not saying the person is "mothering" as a person is "running". "running" is a specific movement which engages the noun on its own. independently.

"mother" is a word that exists in the realm of a subjective relationship:it's assumed and then applied between more than two objects.

it is an example of a noun in a relationship to another noun. its usage is turning the unspoken noun of the person into "mother". fnankly, either you are a "mother" as a noun or you are "acting like a mother". you cannot be a "mother" and not actually be a "mother". that's insanity.

it is a tacky, nonsensical shortcut from "acting like a mother". and it doesn't even work with "othering" which doesn't apply to the noun who activates the noun-gone-wrong, but the relationship they assume.

and "smother" is just a verb..i don't see how it applies at all.


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