Monday, March 26, 2007


things that lead me to believe this movie will be one quick-burning ball of gas:
"'it’s about how the crew react under the enormous pressure of their endeavor to save mankind.'"

yeah, that's an original premise.

"'Traveling to the Sun is great visually, but also very interesting psychologically,' he explains. 'We wanted to make the film as psychological a journey as possible.'"

oh a psychological journey on top of that... dude, it's like old mayonnaise on old ham. an old condiment just doesn't improve an old slice of meat. add them together, they just become more unappetizing.

being honest here: psychological journies only maintain interest so long. we have to care about the cast in order to care about their 'psychological journey' and even then, they've got to be balanced by very tangible things. are pretty space footage and explosions enough? i'm hoping so, because otherwise i'm guessing it's a nap-o-rama. we all thought taking psychology our freshmen year was cool. well, it wasn't.

so the cast:
actors? too pretty. too serious. their grave personnas just make me want to stick things up their noses. it's like the back-up cast for Grey's Anatomy or some gap commercial... despite the fact they were plucked from different cultures, they form one monotonous, pretty blob.

a movie that did manage to balance psychological journey with visual interest? science of sleep. good movie. texture-y and layered and full of the luscious male lead. who is allowed to be pretty because a) he sticks out like a sore thumb in the pointedly less-pretty cast. b) each character has very vivid points of character development. two seconds of a person from the office, and we have a rounded, extensive history in our little heads. c) we are not supposed to take him seriously. he is neurotic and silly and scattered.

keeping in mind, his psychological journey is one that isn't pointed out from the beginning, and it's a specific, rare condition. it's not "here's a cast! now see what happens when we apply pressure."

the filmmakers:
in their history? 28 Days Later. yikes.

i watched maybe five seconds of the trailor. went back and watched the rest just a couple minutes ago. sigh. i was ready to turn away right from the moment when the one shapelessly-pretty girl faces a mirror and her voice draws heavily, "are you scared?–...i am."

i hope the mission fails, honestly. that's not an original concept, but at least it's not so rank with former space-mission movie stink.

ps: suns are gay.


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