Friday, March 23, 2007

O, Vacancy...

so after an early banjo jam and coffee, rhianna and i packed into her car, plugged in a cd by the format and plunged into the south/southwest neighbourhoods to look for apartments. for some reason, the only real way to find listings these days, is just to do it on foot/drive. since it was nice out, we parked the car and set off on foot.

but what started out as an enthusiastic venture, soon took a nasty dive into exhausted, borderline depression and crankiness. i can't help but feel like the whole business of looking for apartments in this city has been jiggered to let us down and leave us crabby and embittered.

of course, there's the fact rent has skyrocketed. that's okay. we expect that. but it is also difficult looking through the mixed messages employed by apartment managers. .. example?
"FOR RENT / 1 & 2 bedroom apartments! - no vacancy"
"RENT NOW - spacious apartments and suits! no vacancy"
and the delightful, "O VACANCY" (obviously the "n" had worn off, but we continued to be amused by the phrase...)

also, we had to lie about our employment statuses and make painful/hilarious jokes about being jobless to one another. wince. and tried to focus on what big lies we would tell apartment managers in place of the pathetic truths or realistic-ish-truths. my favourite was a scenario where rhianna and i were in business together making cakes. i made the cake and she decorated them. precious, huh? you bet.

sigh. but by the end of the day we were just tired and more judgmental than usual. cranky. and it didn't help that rhianna had a veggie burger from the ship & anchor that worked the magic digestive equivalent of old sea-meat left out in the sun for a couple weeks. "in calcutta. in a bucket of tapeworms and tetse flies" (rhianna).

conclusion? looking for apartments is only uplifting in situations where you're not intentionally set up for disappointment.

the only silver lining is a thin trail leading to a rental inquiries number (maybe?) for a gigantic building we would describe as an old hermit crab shell and some cute little college-studenty building caled "the harvard" which struck a cute little chord in both our hearts.

otherwise instead of her moving out of her parents' house... i will be moving in too. we can live in the pool house. that her parents should build.


Anonymous samantha said...

OR...I could live in this said poolhouse, and you can have my room :) Actually no, I take that back..I don't want to have to run to the house if there's bad weather instead of a leisurly stroll. Unless we built a secret passageway....hmmmm...

1:00 PM  
Blogger Idoru said...

the only thing clear is that we need a pool house, and someone will live there.

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before we build a pool house we would need a pool. Which we don't have. However, we do have a river.
How about a houseboat? Or an ark?

6:13 PM  
Blogger kaylen said...

hm... i could do a houseboat, if you could do a houseboat.

11:10 PM  

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