Friday, December 15, 2006

reflections on kathleen

. why kathleen is weird: wedlock

. why kathleen is weirder: proposed to on a beach in backwards-land (so much romantical sand and unseasonal-for-our-country warmth)

. why kathleen is almost australian: engaged to an australian/proposed to in australia (backwards-land)

. why kathleen is awesome: she is getting married! (excited hands)

. why kathleen is an honest woman: hippo will now no longer be a "li'l bitty bastard", simply a "li'l bitty born before marriage" or "li'l bitty, born previous to his parents' engagement" cat. he still reserves the rights to rap under the name "li'l bitty bastard" because it refers to his street attitude.

congratulations on getting to-be-hitched, kathleen.


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