Sunday, December 17, 2006

rough review

December Lullaby
Reviewed by Kaylen

Friday and Saturday night, it was a maelstrom of creativity and dramatic process that was exhibited by the Swallow-a-Bicycle crew and guests. An epic line-up of both precious and invigorating skits and short plays (all revolving around the theme of “lullaby”- all employing the use of a white sheet.) That’s right, precious and invigorating. I am invigorated and precioused.

Despite the fact December Lullaby was held in a creepy little church on 16th Ave–near enough to the Brick that I began worrying about homeless people “defecating everywhere”–my worries were soon squelched by pure, unfiltered, one hundred and ten percent genius. That’s right, the cream don’t get any heavier than that! Play after play, it was a conceptual volcano of delight-magma; erupting with fevered approach to theatric expression and actor-audience connection so thick, it could have been molasses-magma. It also could have been something that tastes better than molasses (better than magma too).

My friend Rhianna who accompanied me to this mind-blowing endeavor? Well, she was rolling in the aisles laughing, crying, and holding both thumbs way, way up for December Lullaby. We both were, really. It is a feel-good gorilla, beating its fun-for-the-whole-family chest with both best-hit-of-the-holidays fists (gorilla thumbs way, way up for December Lullaby!) and screaming for some kind of golden award that I don’t know because I know very little about theatre in general.

We may not completely understand all of the plays (I think Charles was the mommy?), but we were slain by the cunning and erudite company like prancing gazelles among lions. Charles Netto, Mark Hopkins, and Mat and everyone else narny narny nar...were raging jungle cats of meta-theatre success; growling lords of their venue; their cunning jaws dripping with talent and sweet, sweet kitty-breath as they stalked through the deep, dark forests of our amusement. Also dripping with the unexpected outbursts of "bubbles!" and "the catholic!".

In short? In one, short word? Success!

Hands down, the best interpretation of Charles Dickens’s “The Christmas Carol” ever enacted.


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