Monday, December 25, 2006

delightful christmas achoos...

hey, happy christmas and happy 201-th post to all you lovely kitties.

i have :
a) a secret banjo. secret because, apparently, my grandmother doesn't think i deserve christmas since i'm in school, and told my parents not to get me anything like that. but they did and i love them.

b) a cold inside my nose.

c) an odd enjoyment of sneezing...

d) partridge curiosity. do partridges fly? do they eat pears?


Blogger john dodds said...

You think they get shot on the ground?

No they get shot in mid-air as they fly missile-like in pursuit of their primary food source, the partridge pear.

5:27 AM  
Blogger echolalias said...

i had no idea people were fond of shooting partridges... i have never eaten partridge, certainly. i'd remember.

i thought the whole deal was they walked in perpetual, adorable lines with baby partridges.

9:43 PM  

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