Saturday, October 28, 2006

when the roommate's away, oh, how i will play.

there are many delights to be had when the roommate is away for the weekend. and i mean, many. for awhile i was just so blinking happy to have mornings to my own again (after paul's 2 week thanksgiving vacation was over), i couldn't figure out what i wanted to do first. tune into KEXP's streaming radio, play my own music, and my all time favourite: watch CNN, mope around in the kitchen in underwear and read the paper standing up, while coffee brews... so many options i popped a fuse and it took a few mornings to settle into a leisurely pace again.

really, you don't know how crabby it made me, having to watch CityTV's breakfast television, news show.

but, with paul gone not only for the space of my delicious morning, but the whole weekend- well, i am:

a) hungover; b) curled up on the sofa; c) happily nursing a pot of coffee; d) watching delightful bits of cinema on TCM; e) trying to forget how horribly i flail at parties where the bulk of people attending have nothing in common with me.

so, without further adieu:

favourite quotes from The Day the Earth Stood Still

. they've been at it for hours but his strange, huge body is impregnable

. he made me feel like a third class witch doctor

. i am impatient with stupidity. my people have learned to live without it

. people, my foot! they're democrats.

. there's nothing strange about washington, mr carpenter!

. if you ask me he's not an alien- he came from earth. and you know what i mean.

. (at lincoln memorial) now that's the kind of man i'd like to talk to! [ you & me both, mr. alien. you & me both. i like my presidents great. as in BIG. quantity over quality.]

. i like you, mr carpenter. you're a real screwball.

in general, i think it's also "a real gas" the way he communicates with the robot man by flashing a light in his face. most obnoxious method of communication, ever.

last night rhianna made some passing comment about how much more awesome it would be if she were my roommate in place of paul. it's true. i am in urgent need of awesome roommate.


Anonymous DavidB said...

Klaatu barada nikto.
Love that movie.

11:58 AM  

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