Thursday, September 28, 2006

dear readers, i give to you: The Best of the Portage Guie to Early Education Checklist

(if you do not know what this is-and who would?- it is a checklist of behaviours to record an individual child's developmental progress. mostly when you're working with retards, birth through 5 years)

the best of the best:

. looks at own hands, often smiles or vocalizes.
. pulls off socks
. stands alone for one minute [ this test ain't full of nothin' but lonely.]
. unwraps small objects [my favourite!]

things that are bafflingly important for toddlers to do:
. pats and pulls at adult facial features (hair, nose, glasses, etc)
. raises arms-"so big" in imitation of adult
. offers toy, object, bit of food to adult, but does not always release it.

what does this even mean?:
. responds to gestures with gestures [ i have mad gesturing skills, personally. and honestly, i am finding this one a little vague...]
. uses words for bathroom need
. tells sex when asked
. tells final word in opposite analogies
. uses yesterday and tomorrow meaningfully
. tells about immediate experiences
. holds head and chest erect supported on one arm
. screws together threaded object [just try and figure out how that one would work...i implore you.]

. hugs, pats, kisses familiar persons
. sucks and swallows liquid [ that sounds unpleasantly noisey. ]
. controls drooling

i...? i laugh:
. manipulates toy or object
. apologizes without reminder 75% of the time [does anyone do this? most people just say 'oops']
. comforts playmates in distress
. plans and builds using simple tools (inclined planes, fulcrum, lever, pulley)- [again.... i don't even do this...]
. takes part in manipulative game with another person.
. plays "dress up" in adult clothes [hell-o headlice!]
. repeats same syllable two-three times (ma, ma, ma)
. can "give me" or "show me" upon request [... did i miss the place where it says we're training them to not talk smack to their pimps?]
. points to three body parts on self [...i don't know about you, but i only have so many pointing fingers...]
. can point out absurdities in picture
. opens 1/2 pint milk carton [nothing more, nothing less]
. scribbles
. flings objects haphazardly
. creeps
. creeps upstairs
. creeps down stairs, feet first
. rolls clay balls
. pushes and pulls toys while walking

important for all of us:
. finds front of clothing
. wipes nose when reminded
. wakes up dry two mornings out of seven
. avoids common dangers
. puts on mittens
. bathes self except for back, neck and ears
. bounces up and down in standing position while being supportd
. stands with maximum support [ were i to write this, i would subsitute "ultimate" for "maximum"]
. snips with scissors
. jumps up and pivots on one foot

something i am particularly good at?
. naming big and little things (like nixon)


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