Saturday, September 30, 2006

an indecipherable, baffling tragedy

ugly & semi-decipherable response

well someone seems to think i've done something to them. was it to them? are they ugly? judging by their tone: "blind, contextless rage" (so sayeth alex, so concurreth myself) all signs point to "likely".

okay, my blog senses are tingling...if you are lazy and do not (intend to) click on the link, here it is for you in all its incomprehensible glory...

Anonymous said...

I really dont care about you and rihanna or whoever just leave me alone. So you can take your wise crakes and shuff them. I have more important things to deal with instead of trying to figure out who you are screwing or trying to screw.

dear anonymous;

i honestly wish i could understand what you were saying. try spelling out your disatisfactions with some degree of care and accuracy–this will help. all of this is assuming you aren't the remnants of hatred on the internet itself, manifested in a poorly constructed, barely interpretable comment on my blog of all blogs. either way, i doubt i'm who you're looking for... but in a little way, i wish i were.


ps- rhianna (or whoever- ha), have you been soiling my name all over someone's blog? cheers to that, either way. "shuff"? ha. ha ha ha.


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