Sunday, October 01, 2006

my immediate experience? persian kittens.

i am enjoying using the delightful, soft and purry beast that is the persian kitten to illustrate my contemporary pleasures and joys.


. like rubbing my cheek on a persian kitten
. like rubbing my face in persian kittens
. like rolling in persians kittens
. like having eight hands and a persian kitten in each
. like having persian kittens for clothes
. like having a mattress, duvet, and fitted & flat sheets of persian kittens
. like wiping my ass with persian kittens (applies to opulence)
. like cleaning my ears with persian kitten paws (applies to music/sound/lovely voices)
. like a heaping bowl of persian kittens
. like my cup runneth over. with persian kittens
. like being gang-banged... by persian kittens.
. like being married to a persian kitten


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