Sunday, September 03, 2006

the large garden bumblebee was not ridin' dirty...

as you've probably heard, NawlinWiki (see nawlin=new orleans, isn't that very clever) deleted the large garden bumblee article on wikipedia. if you haven't been paying attention at all, i am refering to a brief article that consisted entirely of these two charming sentences:

"The Large Garden bumblebee is most typically a bee, that bumbles around a large garden. However, it could also be a large bee that bumbles around a more modestly proportioned garden."

Nawlin, as you may or may not know, has busied himself fixing and deleting quite a few articles. his comments page is littered with these rusty star pictures that stand as awards for busy-bodying wiki style.

and is followed by
"so and so awards this Barnstar to NawlinWiki for tireless vandal reversion and being an all-round great Wikipedian."

great wikipedian. i spit on him.
were i face to face with this abomination to humanity i would say:
no one likes a whistle-blower, you nasty little hall-monitor.

since i am not, i registered with wikipedia and left him a note on his comment board.

comment title: let us, you and i, discuss your actions against the large garden bumblebee...
shame on you.

if there were an unattractive award for people who busy themselves stripping the internet of loveliness, i would give it to you.
that is all i have to say, really.


all of this takes place at: nawlinwiki comments

in essence: NawlinWiki is hatin... patrollin'.


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I love you.

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