Friday, September 15, 2006

behold the extent of our relationship

not good enough.

really, folks, this is reaching a crucial state of mind-blowing boredom. my days are full of nothing but lonely. i was relying on classes to keep me busy and sociable this year; but i am getting out of class before noon. in which case, i stand around in the studio trying to bind people to a conversation or two as they head out the door.

my out-of-school buddies, rhianna and kathleen, are occupied until wednesday with the final and urgent stages of their tinkering, and i? i am so bored. i come home and: do pushups; feed the fish; make coffee; fiddle with homework; clean and watch perry mason. those books i bought are going to wind up lasting me another week and then... what will become of me? i pose that question to you, gentle reader: what will become of me?

1) death by coffee poisoning

2) i will over-feed nixon to the extent he turns into a gigantic, dinosaur-fish who inevitably kills me with either his a) enthusiasm or b) his secret malicious nature, which only comes across as delight in his current, tiny state.

3) death by papercuts from my over-vigorous, desparate reading.

4) my metaphors will congeal into a dinosaur-beast and turn on me. sometimes, this seems plausible.

5) i will turn into a girl version of Guy Who Rollerskates Really Good.


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