Thursday, September 07, 2006

some of the lamest halloween costume ideas i've ever heard of

o cereal killer:
Materials Needed:

All Black Clothes
Mini Cereal Boxes
Plastic Knifes
Fake Blood
Safety Pins

"Put on the Black outfit. Empty the cereal boxes and then glue the tops closed. Stab the plastic knifes into the boxes of cereal, secure with glue if needed. Add some fake blood on the knives and cuts. Pin the mini cereal boxes all over the outfit (If helpful, you may do this before you glue the boxes shut.)

You may even want to put some fake blood around your mouth or maybe stick some pieces of one of the cereals around your mouth."

o something that may or may not be my spirit guide

o gum under the chair:
Materials Needed:

Small doll or barbie chair
Pink Clothes, Jewelry, etc.
Elastic or ribbon


"Put the pink clothes and pink jewlery on. (You want to be as pink as possible.)

Use the elastic or ribbon to attach the chair to your head and you can be gum stuck under the chair."

o static cling:
"Wear a a dark colored sweatsuit. Using safety pins, attach 'clingy' iems to yourself... socks, undies, fabric softener sheets, ect. Make sure you also make your hair stand up like it has been attacked by static cling."

o road with cars and embarrassing photo ops
Materials Needed:

Black pants
Black shirt
White out
Toy cars (can be printed off computer)
Road signs (can be printed off computer)
Safety pins


Make yourself into a road! Put a dotted white line down your pants and shirt and make it look like a highway with road signs and cars!

Cut out the toy cars and road signs and pin them on your costume! Then, have a friend dress up as roadkill and have them lay on you for a great photo!"

o speed bump:

Yellow sweatsuit
Black paint
Small roller
Black makeup
Get a yellow sweatshirt and pants.

Lay shirt behind a vehicle's tire. Use a roller to paint the tracks of the tire. Back vehicle over shirt. (Lay newspapers down so as to be careful not to get paint on garage/driveway if car rolls too far).

Repeat for pants.
Repeat as often as like for effect.
For finishing touch create tire track using black makeup on face.

o judge judy(pic only)

now one that's so bad it's a little wonderful:
o chance of rain:
"An easy costume to make... Wear blue sweats with 'puffs' of batting attached to resemble clouds. To complete it, carry a squirt gun. Would be great if you had someone else dress up as a weather person."


Anonymous claire said...

I would actually be your slave for life if you did dress up as that my little polar bear/spirit guide/disco wolf.

10:07 PM  

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