Monday, September 11, 2006

metaphorical chipmunk cheeks

as the sun sets on my summer reading - a whopping, heavy-duty sack of winter reading opens and out comes a brand new day. winter reading- plausibly even nicer than summer reading. winter books are certainly more urgently needed: to distract me as much as possible from the cold; to amuse me when i am inevitably knocked down by viruses and plagues and bits of plagues from the usual grab-bag of sniffly delights (courtesy of my elementary school teacher roommate); and to balance out my overwhelming creative out-put during the school term. the final school term, i might add.

anyhow. yes, having been let go from class early, i went down to Pages and stuffed my metaphorical chipmunk cheeks with metaphorical nuts for the (really & truly) winter. i guess it is winter, either way...

winter books:
coraline neil gaiman
if on a winter's night a traveler italo calvino
the baron in the trees italo calvino
everything is illuminated jonathan safran foer
magic: for beginners kelly link
the transformationcatherine chidgey
misfortunewesley stace
jonathan strange & mr. norrellsusanna clarke (i have put it off because of so many barely-tepid reviews...but 10.oo for about 1ooo pages... why not? some people liked it.)
mobius dick andrew crumey

+ordered a replacement copy of china mieville's perdido st. station

(yes, i know this list won't last me the entire winter... this is not news to me; but as is my arms hurt carrying it all home and i do not live so very far away from the bookstore...)


Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

have you read Moby Dick?

Moby Dick is the best book ever written in the English language.

'nuff said.

10:34 PM  

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