Monday, July 10, 2006

walls are what keep the goodness in

oh, girl...

please tell me why someone who writes about sex so often, cannot distinguish an "i know you" speech from a whopping load of horniness focused into the form of an "i know you" speech. it is painfully obvious to anyone who is not just desperate to be "discovered". pathetic.

‘It’s because you don’t let them in' he continued, 'that’s why. You’re a rock – you always have been. You’re always there for other people, you’re strong, you’re confident, you’re happy, but you don’t let anyone see the real you – the person that needs and deserves to be loved.’

1) you're a rock. (copious giggles) you are an i-i-i-i-iiisland

2) that is not insight of an old friend. that is a given. you can walk up to flippin' anyone and say that and they will burst into tears and mumble and whinge about getting hurt. we all have walls and frankly, that is just fine. if you do not have walls, you do not have an interior. and that is where the goo lives. the interesting goo that makes a good person a good, interesting person.

3) any guy that says "the person that needs and deserves to be loved."... has been listening to motivational tapes and should be kicked in the testicles. because he is not only lame as sin, he is just aimed at your pants. in the worst, lamest way possible. not everyone's tender interior deserves to be loved. everyone deserving love- anyone deserving love is a broiling misconception. you do not deserve love just because you exist. that is just stupidity.

4) (copious giggles)

5) if there was any question he wasn't trying to sap any kind of kink he could get, the conversation developed into questions about her sex life.

fun with conclusions!
walls = a-okay & fragility = blows.
if someone is telling you that you need to let people in- what they mean is let people (them) in(to your pants).


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