Saturday, July 22, 2006

unspeakably wicked conversation that might better explain why 'vaginal bees' is funny

chris & myself

"...and you can oogle my tattoo."

"i will oogle your rack."

"ha ha. my rack. you are so crass."

"you love it."

"it is true."
"i am suggesting to kathleen...i do website fun for them if she makes little bees to screw onto the ends of my piercing."

"BEES! bees are awesome. except for when they're real."

"it's true. but they will be friendly cleavage bees."

"friendly cleavage bees is one of the reasons why i love you."

"because i am full of uncatchable diseases like cleavage bees?"

"i would use "and" in place of "like" in that sentence."

"well i meant..instead of crabs. bees."

"if you had crotch bees, i would not have sex with you. i'm sorry. 'ohhh baby. lemme put it in y--- OH GOD. WHAT IS THAT.' '[buzz]'."


"transhumanists believe in helping the evolution of certain animals. monkeys. of course. but you'll never guess the other one."





"helping them evolve! like..cyborgs. and encouraging them to adapt...changing them genetically."

"cyborg whales? i think we may have hit a new low tonight. vaginal bees & cyborg whales."

"i know. but i do not make this whale shit up."


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