Saturday, July 22, 2006

"in my elbow"

being completely smashed with a hangover today, i decided to gulp lifegiving fruit & tofu smoothie, and type random things into my search engine. not entirely random... bits of phrases from a little animation mollie and i made about 7 years ago. i was wondering if somewhere, it was still kicking about.

fun things that arise when you search for "in my elbow"

a) What You Didn't Know About Tommy John Surgery -- One College ...
As I watched the curve that I just hung sail over the fence, the only thing that was going through my mind was: "What is this burning sensation in my elbow? ...

(it is like a story all unto itself)

b) » blog » Ultimate Dislocation!
It was difficult to tell since there was a lot of swelling in my elbow area.

(ultimate dislocation...oh boy, is there any word "ultimate" does not pair up with to create magic and fun?)

c) The value of guessing: Releasing trauma in an injured elbow
Nine months after the accident, I still had only 30 degrees of flexion in my elbow, and could not straighten it all the way either. ...

(this is boring, i know, but i get the feeling i should be responding to people's annoying questions with "ah, the value of guessing...")

d) Brad Sucks | a one man band with no fans » health
To get the x-rays of my super destroyed right arm to take to the arthroscopic surgeon on Wednesday (maybe a detached tendon in my elbow!)!!! ...

(oh, brad....)

e) Testimonials
My L*Bo Aids are now part of my body, when the pain in my elbow subsides I push it down to my wrist, then if my elbow begins to hurt again, up it goes. ...

(..and when you're down you're down. and when you're only halfway up you're neither up nor down...)

f) Tommy John Rehabilitation
Do you think that the anchor in my elbow will be able to handle valgus stress???

(we're all praying like hell that it will.)

g) Tracy's April 2001 Web Log
Although knitting doesn't seem to aggravate the inflammation in my elbow, the numbness in my hand makes the activity unpleasant. ...

(knitting. knitting and whining. survey says: tracy is a square.)


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