Monday, July 17, 2006

the mc's who cried "hammer"

mc hammer concert would have been a treasure if it weren’t for the following:

a) a really long line-up that involved very boring local reggae band who didn’t spring for a dj and just wound up setting their mac up on a table. we tried to be groovy. or down with the hizzizzle.

b) mc’s who looked like rappers that would get their ass beat at rapper college. a sweater vest? kathleen pointed out the one looked like carlton. hee hee. neither of them realized it wasn’t okay to meet at the back of the stage and talk to each other and have whispered pow-wows between songs, and occasionally during songs. really, they looked like very bored babysitters. who kept pulling this “shout for mc hammer” routine. which worked against them, because we were expecting him after each time and were disappointed and delayed for hours. they were like the mc’s who cried “hammer”…

kathleen bored & me attempting to look bored but i miss my own eye rolling.

c) mc hammer has put on weight and obviously refuses to put on balloon pants. what the hell. why not? disappointing.

d) there was a strange man in a white track suit who accompanied him. who is that man? i do not remember it being mc hammer & co.

e) the fact that i was wearing killer heels and the floor was untreated concrete rubble. now that is enough to do it, but some woman ahead of me stepped on my second toe with one of her own killer heels. i had to limp home barefooted. still quite tender.

the upside? some funky dancing with kathleen while i could stand it. better dancing was to be had in the actual cowboys club the night previous to the concert. a steep $20 cover, but once we were inside… well, i have cleavage and that essentially means i don’t wind up having to pay for my own drinks. and boy was there drinking! and lots of dancing. though i am stilled baffled as to how to dance to cowboy music. ghettolicious i can handle.

another thing i cannot handle is the insistance of guys to grab me from behind and do that grinding dance, on into infinity-forever. one song, and that is okay. but i had to tell this particularly pushy fellow who also got exceptionally handsy, that i was actually enjoying just dancing by myself. i am such a raving loner. but i? i want to dance the way i want to dance. matching someone else for song after song is just dull. no matter how much grinding they are doing.


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