Saturday, July 22, 2006

unspeakably wicked boat names

(in the middle of discussing the drunk walk home last night. wherein a piece of my knee ran away with the pavement..)

me- i usually do fine. but i was towing amanda because she could not keep herself on the sidewalk.and her swaying just threw me.
chris - kaylen the tug-girl
me - toot toot

(i think it is a phenomenon of conversations with chris & i, and rhianna & i, that things quickly turn into a list. because lists are where the fun lives! as follows. aside from some particularly offensive ones, i've removed the person responsible for the suggestions. you can guess, if you like. ah, the value of guessing!)

ss L'il Pea
ss Pea
SS Covered in Bees
SS Ultimate Dislocation!
ss technicolour yawn
ss chickpea
ss chicks & peas
ss chicks, hms peas
ss goddamned room
ss fat ugly josef
ss big fat fatty
ss fatty mcfatterton
ss butt-pie
ss cracksniffer
ss 'caps & downys

(for those of you who don't know 'caps & downys' = 'people with handicaps & people with Down Syndrom... well you will just have to find out some other way.)

ss retarded lady
ss sexy retard
ss drooling fuck
ss fucksicle
ss teats
ss fuckstick
ss fuckstain
ss tit
ss cum-guzzling crotchfruit (just so you know this one was chris's...)
ss maaaarla
ss coatrack
ss napkin
ss sinking ship
ss we're sinking
ss oh my god we're all going to die
ss broken hull
ss titanic
ss i'm going to go cook rice
ss gumball dad
ss this is not a boat
ss ceci n'est pas un boite
(wait, boite is box)
ss whats the word for boat
ss in french
(chris thought the french word for boat was 'gateau' but that's actually 'cake')
ss ceci n'est pas un gateau
ss chapeau
ss non, chapeau
ss fightin' mary
ss move out tha way, haux
ss move bitch
ss haux
ss get out the way
ss boat
ss ants
ss ...... . . . (those are ants!)
ss ...
ss &


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