Thursday, July 20, 2006

the many ways of pronouncing"hezbollah" featured on CNN this morning

michael holmes:
HEZ--buh-LA like it is a conga line at a party and everyone is invited!

becky anderson:
hesbo-lah like she is saying 'lesbo' with an 'h' and mild condescension.

matthew chance:
hzzb'lah like he is leaning over the toilet, opening his mouth, and purging. and purging. and purging. (reminds me of the night i experimented with cheap scotch & hi balls)

lysandra ohrstrom:
hezbollah like a disinteresting highschool student, timidly giving her whitebread report on erosion cycle. boring.

unknown male:
HEZbullAH like matthew chance's painful purging, only vomitted in speeds ten times as urgent.

unknown woman- karen? carey?:
1) hesbollh like she is serious, but generally not interested enough to even finish off the word.

2) hezz-bowl man. good shit. pass that around one more time? ....whoa...

aneesh raman:
hezz--bow--laa like he is practicing for his next boys' choir recital. staccato and well enunciated.

unknown male:
hezzbOHluh like the fonz would say with fingers pointed like pistols to direct the power of his coolness.

paula newton:
hzzbb- LAAH like it is being attacked first by bees & then the empassioned choir from Lord of the Rings.

what kind of bees you ask? probably not..... this kind!

ta da!

oh, man i love that picture...


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