Thursday, June 07, 2007

summer guide 2007

(not necessarily together.)

. watching bob ross's joy of painting online
if you don't feel like investing in a whole dvd of bob ross, you can employ youtube, dailymotion, or a number of other sites exploiting television shows online. want a handout? winter raging sea)

. make popsicles
you can purchase popsicle molds for about 2 bucks, anywhere. i got mine from IKEA.)

. ice cream
instead of hitting up a vendor or ice cream shop, maybe try going to some vietnamese place. chances are you'll get fried bananas with it, and that's pretty awesome.

. renting
rhianna and i've been enjoying the highlights of season 3 and 4 of the X-files. i can't recommend them enough. right amount of cheesy/creepy.

. get your "b-ball on"

now, i know what you're thinking: "but kaylen, i hate sports!" or, "i hate basketball!" or, "i hate sweating." or, "just thinking about basketball awakens the latent desire to skip mandatory pep rallies, even though i've been out of highschool for nearly a decade." i know your worries, but trust me: it can be fun. and the more you aren't a basketball player, the more fun it is. grab a basketball from a small child, or just invest twenty bucks (cheaper than two movie tickets) at a local sports shop. go to and pick up some good b-ball slang. plunder the court by yourself, or play with other friends. extra points for awesome sweat bands.

. climb trees
one, it's undeniably fun; two, it'll give you a new, high-up perspective; three, you'll be a well oiled machine if anyone loses their kitty up a tree.

. recline on the hood of a car
you can: read a book; tan; or just enjoy the clouds and eat some cheap ice-pops.

. recycle
take all those fire-pit beer cans etc and give them back to jesus.

. fire hydrants
you've seen people playing in improv sprinklers made from fire hydrants in everything from music videos to photographs. no one should live a whole lifetime without having busted one of those bad boys and released the joy.

yellow peppers
those pear/apple fruits
astronauts (it even has 'butt' in the name)
NASA in general
chicken salad
the word, "inveigle"


Anonymous Eduardo la Renta said...

Pass me the rock, yo. I will take it to the hole and dunk on you.

4:42 PM  

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