Thursday, November 30, 2006

a romantic interlude with edward de bono

edward de bono's carer message

I often tell people that I am looking for a fat cross-eyed hunchback to look after me and then I shall stop travelling so much. This is really a metaphor. Most women seem to have long agendas and men are a sort of accessory to that life plan. There is nothing wrong with this at all. I am all for ambition and pursuit of purpose. But perhaps there are others who regard 'caring' as a worthwhile mission. This is not a matrimonial advertisement but I should like to hear from those who agree or disagree with my comments. ( Subject: hunchback)

Edward de Bono
10th November 2006

my lovely email to mr. de bono, second guessing his reluctance to marry again.

oh, hello;

how certain are you, that it wasn't a proposal? it sounds a bit like you have made room for an exception and are just waiting for a lovely lady to call your bluff. sometimes i wonder if you really exist... but, oh, you romantic fool. i do.


surprisingly, he wrote back from his private email, saying,

I do exist. Tell me more about yourself !

Edward de Bono

dearest of dear edwards;

how nice you responded... my heart expresses more than quite a bit of joy that you exist. i exist too, so already i can tell we will get along just swimmingly.

i have no idea how many marriage proposals you get, but i am not allergic to peanuts and that seems like it would set me ahead of the masses... i also don't know how much information you really would want from a lady. so here is a brief bit and you tell me "more" or "less".

i enjoy homogeneous type; muggy-warm climates; thinking about soft things like chinchillas and de-clawed persian kittens; doing laundry; smelling laundry; and my two fishes: david foster wallace & nixon. they are pretty great, for fish. i had two cats, curtain & napkin, but my family rather pinched them from me...

i do not, however, enjoy more than one exclamation point; australian accents; the colour "coral"; and the way swimming pools are never the right temperature... i like the ocean tremendously, but it unfortunately gives me severe pangs of vertigo and panic attacks, even from the safety of a boat. i am not afraid of heights, though.

i would like to give you an idea, but all i can think of is how sleeping pills should be marketed as overnight 'vitamins'. i hope that isn't too sinister for courting.



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you are such a floosie!

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