Thursday, November 30, 2006

fruit(headed people) of the ACAD artist's labours

so finally, after a week of being bombarded by design-based depression and enthusiasm, i bring to you the review of the 2006 ACAD christmas show & sale.

if you don't know what i'm talking about, the show & sale is the event our school hosts twice a year- east and christmas. the whole main mall is opened up to the community and essentially every available surface is covered in layers of student work. that's right. our opportunity to shove our work onto the public at large. students pick what they sell and how much they're selling it for.

some of this work is made specifically to sell at this event. however, the larger bulk is composed of old projects, first-year attempts, and a whole lot of random fan art (clearly made before any art instruction) that kids figure, "hey...someone might buy it".

like the jerk that i am, i went about snickering and taking photos of the worst. certainly not all the worst, but... enough. in retrospect, i should have taken pictures of the price tags to go along with them- it's a whole other facet of humour. all's i remember is the gigantic kitty was about $1500.oo...

the highlights (the worst):

african lady with a village on her forehead (rhianna's vote for ugliest)

people with fruit heads- suspiciously miserable (my vote for ugliest & best overall)

seal in top hat in questionable background (nipping at the ankles for my favourite)

someone's idea of an abstract painting (yikes)

harry potter fan art (a semi-popular theme- other popular themes that spring up year after year are john lennon, ballerinas, phil collins, horses... unfortunately i do not have a picture of last year's painting "unicorn with boobs".)

i guess someone thought it was a good idea at the time... i don't know what else to say about this one.

random, horrible lover paintings. this one is actually one of the better examples.

here is rhianna standing with one we actually do like.

and finally, i present to you, the gigantic kitty. seriously, keep in mind this kitty is about 6 feet long. both rhianna and i immediately covered our mouths with our palms and exclaimed, "KITTY!". it's debateable where this painting belongs. bathroom? kitchen? bedroom? the ceiling of my bedroom right over my bed? even if someone was eccentric and tasteless enough to want a 6foot cat picture, wouldn't they want it to be of their own cat?

there were others that i just didn't get shots of. some precious ones like a still life of a shoe that the artist didn't compose beforehand, so it wound up mostly just being a gigantic painting of the gaping hole you stick your foot into.

everyone agrees this year's show & sale was crappier than usual. i didn't find a single bag i wanted to buy. this makes me sad. i rely on show & sale to give me new and unique bags...

i did, however get a pair of gigantic turquoise earrings. rhianna kind of made them. kind of.


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