Saturday, November 11, 2006

how i plan to spend my Remembrance Day

clearly, i do not remember any canadian wars- i don't even remember which war or which veterans they are remembering. i hate remembering old people. too wrinkly and too sleepy.

so, i will remember the ice age instead. oh boy!

i bet you want to know how i plan to do that. honestly, you're welcome to join me.

i plan on pretending i am the ice age itself. if there's anything more fun that pretending to be a whole era- an epoch!- well, i don't know what it is. so, i'm going to make popsicles (fruit juice ones, coffee ones, alcoholic ones...whatever tickles my fancy) and freeze interesting things in them. like little wooly mammoths! i will go around the apartment and find things i want to preserve in my tasty little time capsuls- also i get to pick what things go extinct.

have a nice remembrance day yourself.


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