Sunday, November 05, 2006

why you shouldn't hesitate when you've got the right fish food in your hand

i hesitated. i'll admit, i paused, put the betta fish food packet back on the hanger thing and reconsidered going somewhere that sells the Hikari Betta Bio-Gold i know nixon & david foster wallace love. but petcetera was right there, and they needed food, and petcetera (apparently) only sells their own store-brand fish foods.

i snatched a packet off the thing, bought it, went home, fed nixon...

i thought they were bigger, and more terra cotta coloured than before. but he ate it, no problem. he was probably quite hungry.

then i tried to feed him yesterday. he hopped, i dropped the pellets, he pounced them mouth-first...then went FOO and spit them right out again. what the hell, right?

i posed the question to rhianna.

me: "what the hell? what a picky eater."

rhianna: "maybe it's because you're feeding him goldfish food"


rhianna:"it says "goldfish"

me:"how did i miss that? i was sure i got the betta fish food"

rhianna: "dude, it even has a picture of goldfish on it."

me: "son of a...."

in my defense, they are the exact same packages (just different fish pictures), same colour, and right beside each other. i must have put down the betta fish food and without reconsidering, picked up the goldfish.


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