Thursday, September 21, 2006

tips on how to get involved in your community #9, #10

#9 - i'm not saying you have to go to any of these; but do keep up with when your local ballets, plays & theatrical productions are going on. you can let people know that you pay attention, in the following way:

other: hello
you: hello
other: you should come over friday night because i am having a party
you: oh no! friday is the night of the ballet!
other: oh, that's too bad.
you: (lowering your head) i don't have tickets to that.

you see, by admitting that you don't have tickets you have still accomplished your goal (letting people know you are 'with it' and have a buttload of culture) and yet, to the party you may go! rhianna and i think this process is hilarious. some people, however, don't get it...

#10 - tell people they are judged by how ugly they are.
if they do not know this already, they are probably pretty ugly and should get on top of that. sooner than later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really dont care about you and rihanna or whoever just leave me alone. So you can take your wise crakes and shuff them. I have more important things to deal with instead of trying to figure out who you are screwing or trying to screw.

8:20 PM  
Blogger echolalias said...

my mind is being gang-banged by perplexity...

i...? i am perplexed. and baffled. i don't think i've even left messages on anyone's blog in any kind of offensive way in months... and the last time was about black people.

dear mystery reader (hater...)...are you a negro?

4:00 PM  

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