Thursday, September 21, 2006

do you know what i hate?

i can more than tolerate people who litter or breed animals to the point of being incapable of surviving on their own in the wild..or have some hideous, but really amusing defects... that's what animals are for really- to play with. we are the bosses of them and they will amuse at whatever cost. it's what steve irwin would have wanted.

but one thing i squint at times a thousand is:

people who take your apology and respond in the form of higher-than-thou judgement. (eg: "the reality is, we are all judged by our actions"- and yes, someone wrote that to me, recently) so here is an open letter to those kinds of people out there.

well, bitches;

little do you know, words out-last the strongest of actions and my memoirs will redeem me, no matter what. and my memoirs will beat up your memoirs, because yours will be full of crap like "the reality is, we are all judged by our actions" and mine will be full of nothing but awesome.



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