Monday, July 24, 2006

tips on how to get involved in your community: #5, #6 & #7

#5 - as much as i love people (people = hot, young, strapping lads with no shirt on) doing landscaping... community gardens are so lame that they really defeat the purpose. so, my advice to you is first of all, do not participate in community gardening. second, steal all the tomatoes. they are delicious and you will enjoy them, i just know.

#6 - if there is a person in your neighbourhood with a tail, encourage them to get an operation and become "normal". first of all, it is quite gross. and chances are, they are not nearly as helpful as you'd think. how many of them bark when there is a fire? or when a beloved falls in a well/mine/community garden hole someone forgot to fill? a tail does not a lassie make!

#7 - bark when there is a fire. or throw tomatoes that you stole from a community garden.


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