Saturday, July 15, 2006

fun with transhumanism

transhumanists believe that certain animals should be encouraged to evolve beyond the realms of 'cool' that they'd reach all by their lonesome. mother nature? she is like the little miss mary muffin to the prehumanist mumra. you put the two in a room together with a monkey and let us just say there will be no muffins. if you are expecting muffins you are a fool! keep in mind this is a simile.

with the help of science and robots and raging everlasting coolness (or whatever else they believe in) these special animals will be engineered to blow other animals' minds in ways that would certainly blow yours.

i bet you were thinking "apes, right?" well, right. but i bet you weren't thinking "whales"
just goes to show the difference between our limited minds and the minds of transhumanists.

a) whales... ha
b) transhumanists the equivalent of kids sitting down on the carpet in the playroom to voice hypothetical battles between action figures and santa. if this is what children do. i really haven't the foggiest...


...wait. wait a minute... now that i have exhausted giggling...whales...? how do whales even need to be advanced? they seem to do okay, if they can just resist mating with the propellor and business end of a ship...


Blogger apk01004 said...

Oh man.

He got to you too.

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